What is the difference between a Marquee & a Pavilion?

A marquee is a traditional peg and pole tent. This is the most common and familiar type of hire product. The ceiling slopes gently downward from a row of tall centre poles to the wall poles. Seen from the outside, the tent's undulations have a soft, curved look. Marquees also use guy ropes to tension and secure the frame. Walls are hung from a line on the inside of the ceiling and held in place on the ground using small pegs.
A pavilion is definitely the premium, most flexible and stable form of temporary structure and are ideal for tight spots; they have no guy ropes so need virtually no clearance around its sides, whereas the traditional marquees need at least a metre. An important advantage of the Pavilion is that it has no interior poles so the entire floor space is yours to use unobstructed, much higher headroom is also a factor of pavilions as well as very solid construction of integrated self supporting frame and channel connected roof and walls.