Marquees are a significant addition to any party planners budget, hence many customers who perhaps didn't originally plan to hire a marquee are hesitant when faced with weather concerns that might require extra shelter to avoid having a ruined function or at the very least provide a comfortable climate for your guests. Funnily enough a majority of our customers only relate marquee hire with the wettest and windiest of forecasts.

Looking at the other end of the weather spectrum a marquee offers excellent sun and heat protection on a sunny day, whilst having the flexibility to removes some or all walls for comfortable air flow (and it certainly doesn't need to be a 30+deg day for skin damage to occur).

Of course if rain is a possibility even just a passing shower can be devastating, and usually Adelaide rain means a cold front so air chill can make things uncomfortable even if the rain does miss your location.

Probably the most overlooked weather factor is wind. We are often ignorant of wind in our sheltered buildings and cars. Just try and perform half your normal indoor tasks out in open air. Anyone who works regularly outdoors especially with material handling knows a little wind is a big pain in the.....
A little wind is anything from 15kph which is pretty much the lowest wind rating besides 'calm conditions'. Hair gets messed up, napkins and tablecoths start flying away, candles and gas bbq's blow out, food dries out etc.

So there's a few more conditions than you might have previously considered needing a marquee for.